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My thought:

Why would a person ask "what MIGHT your name be?" Wouldn't one's name be one's name, with no "might" about it?


I guess he feels that he has to drop his title in the conversation. Can't just say his name is Drew and move on? Sounds very too pretentious...oh wait...never mind.

I must have missed the strip in which Vera picked up a sense of humor.


Vera's thought about "...I find myself wanting to kill you..." Maybe "kill" means "screw your brains out" in comic strip world.


This is like my dating life.

Wait, er, I don't mean I think of killing those stupid enough to use cheesy pick-up lines...


Brilliant edit! I love the improvement. But now, how is Vera going to respond when she finds out Drew is riding small horses with a young college co-ed?

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